Who is the Course for?2019-05-20T16:30:02+12:00

If you are finding it hard to address and manage your stress, struggling to find that all-important work/life balance, searching for more meaning and purpose in life, and prepared to learn and grow, then my ‘Peace In Your World’ program is for you. It is ideally tailored towards participants who are self-starters, and highly motivated to get positive results.

The program is specifically designed around modules of information and exercises that cumulatively build upon the knowledge and exercises gained each week as you progress.

The program is not difficult, but it does require some focus and introspection, in order to obtain the most benefit. It is important to understand that it is not intended as a ‘quick fix’, and that some continued perseverance and practice would be required to ensure the best long-term outcome.

The ‘Peace In Your World’ program is NOT suitable if you are suffering from severe anxiety or depression.

How much of my time will the course require each week?2019-05-20T17:40:13+12:00

The program is specifically designed for those who are very time-challenged. As I have a wealth of experience working with with terminally ill clients and very stressed individuals, I have learned how to assist people to get the maximum benefit in a tight time frame.

For a specific weekly indication of time requirement please check out Time Management – What to Expect.


Do I need to meditate each day?2019-05-20T17:20:08+12:00

The Theta Meditation technique forms a very important part of the ‘Peace In Your World’ stress management program. Two separate guided meditations are provided in the course modules. Combined with the other course components, this unique meditation technique will greatly assist you to deal with your stress in the shortest possible time frame.

The absolute bonus of this technique is that you only have to listen to get results. There is absolutely no learning required, just practice. This means you can set your alarm half an hour earlier each day, plug in your headphones and lie in bed and listen. Even if you fall back to sleep, it will still work. Similarly, if you awake in the night you can do the meditation then. Nothing could be easier!

Can you explain the purpose of the Essential Exercises?2019-05-20T17:20:33+12:00

The Essential Exercises form the backbone of the course. In each module you will firstly be provided with Vital Information. The Essential Exercises move you into an area where you get to learn cool new stuff experientially. Depending on your unique situation, the Essential Exercises will allow you to explore new thought processes and facilitate personal development.

What if I fall behind in the program?2019-05-20T17:20:45+12:00

There is absolutely NO requirement or pressure to complete each module each week, in the 6-week timeframe. The intention is definitely not to cause more stress by putting this kind of pressure on an individual.

The program of weekly downloads is merely designed to allow enough space for participants to contemplate and process each week’s content, before moving on to the next module. If life gets busy, rest assured the modules can wait. The program will always be available for you to return to as long as it exists.

What is the Course Refund Policy?2019-05-20T17:21:09+12:00

For your complete peace of mind, you have 14 days to obtain a full refund. Please note that this is only valid with proof of completion of Essential Exercises #1 & #2.

How does the Personal Coaching work?2019-05-20T17:21:25+12:00

Participants gain access to the Private Coaching Portal with each week’s module. You simply post your questions to Diana in the space provided and check the ‘notify me of follow’ box to ensure that you get an email to advise you when your question has been answered.

Diana will always attempt to get back to you within 24 hours, if possible. Sometimes a question posed may require a little more contemplation time before you get an answer.

How much support can I expect from the Personal Coaching?2019-05-20T17:21:37+12:00

This platform is intended as an adjunct to support and care for participants, as you progress through the modules. Some people may need more assistance than others as they implement new ideas and self-supporting changes.

A rough guideline would be one specific question per participant per week. It is best to provide some background detail to ensure the best support or guidance. Sometimes more information may be sought to assist with your situation. Feedback is always encouraged.

Please note that this coaching platform is not intended to provide in depth therapy. If a personal situation falls outside these parameters I would always advise taking further professional advice.

What happens at the end of the course?2019-05-20T17:22:17+12:00

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive the entire course in an e-book form. This includes the Course Maintenance Section, which is intended to provide further guidelines and information, to assist participants to feel more confident as they move forward on their journey.