About Diana

I am a trained counsellor with 25 years of experience in private practice.

I am passionately committed to helping people create greater health, happiness, and self-fulfilment. I discovered my ‘calling’ as a result of my own very positive counselling experience which helped me navigate an extremely difficult situation in my own life.

In 1990 I was diagnosed with cancer. Before this I had been under an enormous amount of emotional stress. Finding myself facing a potentially terminal illness, I wished that I had dealt with all the stress in my life earlier. This dire situation catapulted me on a fascinating healing journey where I implemented new techniques that not only healed my body but also dramatically improved every area of my life. After I became well I was motivated to share the ‘magic’ I had learned and I trained to become a counsellor. (If you are interested in more detail, I invite you to check out my blog here). Now I have assisted thousands of clients to overcome the effects of stress, illness, and trauma.

I consider my wide life experience brings another dimension of understanding into my counselling: a painful separation and divorce, remarriage and the successful blending of a family of five children, relocating to live in another country and the loneliness and isolation associated with this move, the deaths of beloved close family and friends. I have also travelled extensively studying healing in other cultures, and for pleasure.

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