How many of you have actually started off the New Year following through with the resolutions you put in place on New Year’s Eve?

Many people have the best intentions about changes they want to make in their life, yet they set New Year’s resolutions without having a strong belief that these changes are actually possible. Then they arrive back at work after the New Year’s holiday feeling dread and stress about the year ahead, instead of excitement about the fabulous possibilities that lie within their reach.

Was that you?

Remember: repeating the same behaviour over and over only produces the same results. 

Negative behaviours and/or thought patterns have to change, or nothing changes.

It is very scary making changes if you don’t know where those changes are going to lead. And it’s also true that many people are willing and open to make changes but are completely stumped as to how to go about it. Often people are too close to their own problems and issues to have a clear and unbiased perspective on their situation. They need lots of information, clarity, and confidence to be reassured that if they head off in a new direction it will provide positive and more fulfilling results.

I am totally committed to helping people to change their lives for the better. I believe I have incorporated all the knowledge, wisdom and experience that you need into my Peace In Your World online course.

The programme is focused on achievable results for time-challenged people. I work on the premise that it takes three weeks to begin to change a habit, and six weeks to get that ‘new way of being’ properly integrated and established. This is why my course is six weeks long. I fully appreciate that people need this time and my support to begin to achieve their dreams.

My sincere promise is that I have the accumulated wisdom, from 25 years working as a therapist in private practice, to teach you to correctly identify the changes you need to make – changes that will produce incredibly positive results.


If you are serious about creating a better deal for yourself this year, suspend all judgment and take a leap of faith to start off 2019 on the right foot.

Come now and create Peace In Your World.

If you would like to sample the course to see if it’s for you, you have 14 days to try the course and claim a full refund. You will only need to produce proof that you have completed Essential Exercises #1 & #2 to obtain this.

If you’re looking for some practical stress management tips to get you started, have a read of my previous blog here.